Ukrainian Infrastructure: Becoming a part of The Western World

The reform of Ukrainian infrastructure is in its very first stages. During the 25 years of independence, over the course of which constantly changing governments did not define their geopolitical choice, the Ukrainian roads have come into disrepair and need an almost complete overhaul, the rolling stock of the railroad is 98% worn out, the ports have lost a major share of strategic cargo, only 4% of the country’s population use air transportation, and 70% of post offices do not have computers.

The scope of activity is vast, and one should admit that Ukraine is unable to carry out the tremendous efforts to reform the industry on its own. Ukraine needs the support of Western partners – political, technological, managerial, legal, and financial.

The package of planned reforms is beneficial and valuable not only to residents of Ukraine, but also to the entire Western society. These reforms will deal a major blow to corruption in Ukraine and decisively re-orient the Ukrainian economy, trade, and people away from the destructive way – which they have been drawn to because of historical factors – and towards West Europe and the USA.