Our Programs


Fighting Corruption

Fighting the continuing and endemic corruption is a large segment of the overall effort in stabilizing the post-soviet nations and helping them resist internal and external threats. Despite the fact that a wide range of advisors, foreign and domestic, government and civil society, analytical and advocacy-focused, have developed proposals, priorities, and ways forward in the fight against corruption, the problem is far from being solved. Clearly new initiatives and ideas are necessary, preferably those that recognize both political limitations and local cultural nuances.


An implementation of the Western code of business of conduct within a post-Soviet business environment

Shifting towards a firm Western legal, financial and corporate code of business conduct will provide the region with a much needed fundamental base to develop long-going investment programs, to build reliable business relations and remove itself from the damaging, corrupted and criminalized financial schemes, which is currently preventing the international business community from large scale business involvement in the region.


Development and modernization of infrastructure

This research program is designed to advance legal, economic and governance reforms in what seems to be one of the most important areas in terms of connecting former Soviet Union nations to the West. Infrastructure, alongside energy, has always been one of the areas with the highest levels of corruption of the post-Soviet economy. Our goal is to support all the parties in the region, both in the private and public sectors, interested in reforming their infrastructure and transportation by implementing incremental solutions, in order to build a solid common ground for bringing western technology advancement and innovations to the region and, as a result, connecting it to the modern and progressive world.


Independent press and civil society

Civil society, social justice advocacy and the media are threatened in many of the former Soviet Union. Even the nations that have decided to move forward, build their own national identity and to break away from their non-democratic past face tremendous challenges in dealing with corrupt elements on a regular basis. Our research is designed to help civil advocates, independent civil rights experts and the press to become more resilient during this vulnerable transitional period and develop strategies that will increase accountability, prevent human rights violations and make a positive contribution towards political and social development.


Energy Transparency Program

We offer leading research on emerging energy issues in the post-Soviet region and deliver independent analysis aimed at formulating effective policy recommendations for public and private sector decision-makers interested in energy cooperation and investment projects. Our experts understand both the global and local energy landscape, and our approach is to analyze and explain the intersection of policy, markets, and technologies, and to balance economic, legal and security priorities for all parties. This is designed to lead the energy markets of the region toward a new transparent, non-corrupt and secure future.


Leadership Impact

While corrupt elements remain, local leaders often encounter problems and obstacles preventing them from joining the Western civilized path. We will provide rising regional political leaders and western-oriented elites with opportunities to present their vision and gain experience, and enable them to make positive contributions to their countries and the world at large, and to take their leadership skills and knowledge to the next level, building bridges for future geostrategic cooperation with the West.