Belarus’ Bellesbumprom’s furniture exports to EU up by 23.6% in 2017

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Companies affiliated with Bellesbumprom Concern increased the export of furniture to the EU by 23.6% in 2017, Chairman of the Bellesbumprom Concern Yuri Nazarov told a press conference on 12 February.

“Over the past 11 years the export of Belarusian furniture rose almost 1.5 times to reach $438.6 million in 2017. Bellesbumprom’s companies accounted for 26% of this amount. Now they are expected to strengthen their positions in the European market. In 2017 Bellesbumprom’s furniture export to the countries of the European Union rose by 23.6%,” Yuri Nazarov said.

Pinskdrev Holding Company has made significant progress in this area. Some 34% of the total exports of the holding company is bound for the European Union. Two years ago, the figure stood at 17.3%.

The establishment of export-oriented furniture enterprises with European capital in Belarus is recognized as a promising move. In January 2018 an agreement was signed with the European company Polipol to set up upholstered furniture manufacturing at Ivatsevichdrev company and to deliver it to the European market.

In 2017 Bellesbumprom’s total exports rose by more than 42% and amounted to $427 million. The non-CIS countries accounted for 44.8% of the total exports, up 2.2% over a year earlier. In general, Bellesbumprom exported products to 62 countries in 2017, including such new markets as Canada, Iraq, Syria, Brazil, and Jordan.