Anatoly Motkin

Founder and President

Anatoly Motkin is founder and president of StrategEast, a strategic center for political and diplomatic solutions whose mission is to guide and assist elites of the post-Soviet region into closer working relationships with the USA and Western Europe. In this role, Mr. Motkin uses his two decades of involvement in the development of media and political projects in the post-Soviet region to support various programs and combat corruption in the region.

Mr. Motkin has devoted much of his career to assisting the processes of Westernization in post-Soviet states through the launching of a variety of media, political and business initiatives aimed to drive social awareness and connect communities. He has successfully invested in multiple technology startups, such as one of the most popular messaging apps and the ridesharing service app Juno, which was recently acquired by on-demand ride service Gett.

Mr. Motkin has also created and produced several successful Russian-language media projects in his native Israel, as well as in Latvia, Belarus and Georgia.

Projects established by Mr. Motkin include a partnership with Yedioth Ahronoth publishing group, the strongest media house in Israel, to produce an entertainment magazine “Tele-Boom”, Time Out – Israel and “7:40” – a primetime show on Channel 9 – the only Israeli TV broadcast channel in Russian. He is also the founder of Cursorinfo, one of the oldest Russian-language news websites and one of the most cited sources for information on current events in Israel.

Mr. Motkin began his career as a political consultant advising the Israeli Government on the country’s Russian-speaking sector. During this time, Mr. Motkin served as the head of the Russian-speaking voters campaign for the Shinui party, assisting to triple the number of votes for the party and assisting the Shinui in winning 15 seats in the 2003 Knesset election.

Anatoly studied Mathematics and Computer Science in Tel Aviv University.